Food&obesity Week 1

Wenhan Ding
2 min readMar 22, 2020

9th February

So this blogpost is about learning from a unit GDF of my MA courses.

I received the brief at the first week for GDF. This project was about child obesity and we were expected to look into the future. It was my first time to get in future design and I didn’t know too much about it.

According to the theory I heard from this week’s lecture, there are many differences between designing for service and designing for future. From what I understood, designing for future was more about to provoke discussion rather than to solve problems.

It reminded me of a talk I was given in Service Design Fringe Festival. That talk was also about future food. They set up 3 stores in an exhibition to create a experience for people to touch the future. The sceneries were imaginative and bold and they made me think a lot.

I think maybe this time we will do some kind of things which have the same function.

We saw some work of last year students. These fake letters looked very real and pushed me to imagine what was going on with these letters. I feel it’s a very funny but helpful way to let people think what they really want in the future.



Wenhan Ding

MA Service Design student in London College of Communication