Research through design — McPill: Look healthy? Be healthy?

McPill family-2030

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clock was striking fifteen. Carrying a crumpled, greasy paper bag, Mr Smith walked home.

After the full day’s work, he was too tired to cook so that McMeal became the best choice to feed his family. He knocked on the door, the door opened with cheers of children. Sarah and Alex ran to him and tore open the package of McMeal.

“I love you, daddy.”Sarah put the fries in her mouth, laughing. “I want a large size cheeseburger tomorrow!”

“Me, too!” Alex, Sarah’s little brother, shouted.

“No problem, good kids. But you must remember to take McPill.” Mr Smith took out some white pills from the package, “one pill is enough, do not forget and do not take more.”

He brought two glasses of water, left them on the table and walked back to his room holding a newspaper, of which a big bold title said, “2030, will you be healthy, or just look healthy?”

The first touch of speculative design

Foresight Methods
The futures cone

Future trends

Horizon scanning
Instagram survey

Research through the design process

The McMeal experience in a ‘McDonald’s shop’
Designing for the second prototype
McPill family-2030
Advertisement of McPill
News about McPill





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Wenhan Ding

MA Service Design student in London College of Communication