Week 3: From horizon scanning to draft ideas

Wenhan Ding
2 min readApr 6, 2020

After understanding the scenario 2 with horizon scanning, we found some pain point in this future related to food and child obesity problem.

Horizon scanning of scenario in the future
Problem finding
Issues and possibilities related to each topic

We generated some draft ideas and evaluated them with two dimension: provoking and convincing. And we realised it was quite hard to balanced these criteria. Some ideas were too unreal since we were asked to draw the image of 2030 and it would be just 10 years away from now. We also felt unclear about “preferable future”. Some ideas of us were not our preferable future but they could make people think. We doubted if we could use these ideas although the stories they described made us feel terrible. So we shared our concerns with our tutor Lara to discuss about this.

Reply from Lara

From my understanding of our tutor’s reply, our ideas should not be just scary. It could tell some dark side of future scenario, but the main purpose was still to make people think. It was like a point to let people feel they were in a future scene, and they saw something used to be invisible in reality.



Wenhan Ding

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