Week 4: McPill

Wenhan Ding
2 min readApr 8, 2020

As I introduced in last post, we had 3 options for us to looking at: Chicken shop, supermarket and fast food.

Since fast food was related to people’s awareness and living habits, after discussion, we decided to explore this topic and develop ideas in this field.

So the idea of McPill finally stood out.

The story behind McPill was that, in 2030, the public asked the government to tackle the child obesity problem. So the government published a series policies including requesting fast food company make change. But companies thought it was too risky to change menu, they just kept the food all the same but add a pill to their products, like McPill for McDonald’s. They claimed the pill can balance the nutrition and cut off too much oil. The pill was very easy so it became popular in a short time.

To tell this story, we planned to make a video showing a scene people live with McPill naturally.

Real McDonald’s store

We observed the real order process and took a video about people go to McDonald’s and enjoy fast food with McPill based on this to make it more tangible.

Showing our McPill to our tutors

Our tutors gave us suggestion on adding more details to this future scenario, like using newspapers to tell some background stories and show more opinions towards McPill from different people.



Wenhan Ding

MA Service Design student in London College of Communication